An interesting kind of poetry

“There is a special term to describe literary depictions of visual works of art: ekphrasis. Poems about pictures or paintings are, then, ekphrastic poems.” Dr. Oliver Teale, 10 of the Best Ekphrastic Poems about Pictures

Frederick Hall – Cinderella

Cinderella is one of my favorite fairytales. I’m writing a novella in which she appears.

Looking Glum

Cinder-girl, are you feeling sad?
Let me be your Fairy Godmother
offering advice you haven’t asked for!
Isn’t it better sitting barefoot
in a sunny barnyard filled with
the flitting, scratching, and pecking of
innocent fowl and
fallout of downy feathers
than sitting inside a wealthy house –
too large for its occupants –
littered with the fallout of wicked tongues?
One day – though now you can’t see –
you will wear, lose, and recover a slipper
of unmatched beauty.
Till then,
I recommend,
cheer up!

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