Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

Are you eager to be finished with 2022? Maybe it was a tough year full of loss or disappointments. Maybe you’re feeling like a failure because you look back and don’t see that you’ve achieved anything worth doing. 847 more words

Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

An engineer-turned-mystery-writer and entertaining speaker, Lisa E. Betz infuses her stories with unconventional characters who thrive on solving tricky problems. Her Livia Aemilia Mysteries have won several awards, including Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (2021). Lisa combines her love of research with her quirky imagination to bring the world of the early church to life.

To get to know this lovely person, go here.

11 thoughts on “Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Maria. Lisa has some very good thoughts and suggestions. It is always good to look back to review and assess things a bit. I will check out her work on the early church. That sounds very interesting.

    I hope you have a great day!

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      • You’re welcome, and Happy New Year to you as well my sister!
        I saw that there are links to interviews of Lisa on her website but maybe you can save me a bit of time if you can answer my question.
        Is the setting of her mysteries the first few centuries after Jesus lived?
        If so, something like that would certainly have to be very creative and well researched.

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      • Hi, Chris! Lisa’s novels are set in the mid first-century A.D. during the reign of Claudius. The first is set in 47 A.D.

        Yes, the novel I read is creative, character-driven, and authentic. Lisa is a mechanical engineer and the ancient acqueducts figure in this book (Fountains and Secrets). The female protagonist – Livia, a new believer – is married to Avitus, a principled pagan, a lawyer. There is a lot about Roman law and how cases were tried – even about bribery. There is a fine glossary of general terms and Historical Notes on the water system. How Christians communicated and assembled in a society in which Christianity was illegal is dealt with, too. She has done her homework and is a member of the Historical Novel Society.

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      • I don’t know of anything else like this out there, Maria. She must have done a great deal of research to be able to place a story in the middle of the first century.
        Thank you for sharing.
        I read the synopsis on Amazon and her book has great reviews. I’ve always enjoyed mystery stories so I’m very tempted to get this one except that I have so many books around here that I haven’t finished. Maybe some day…
        I hope you have a great day!

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