Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

Are you eager to be finished with 2022? Maybe it was a tough year full of loss or disappointments. Maybe you’re feeling like a failure because you look back and don’t see that you’ve achieved anything worth doing. 847 more words

Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

An engineer-turned-mystery-writer and entertaining speaker, Lisa E. Betz infuses her stories with unconventional characters who thrive on solving tricky problems. Her Livia Aemilia Mysteries have won several awards, including Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (2021). Lisa combines her love of research with her quirky imagination to bring the world of the early church to life.

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More Edgy Christian Historical Fiction ~ Rise of Betrayal

Tale of the Clans: Book Two

Rise of Betrayal is phenomenal for its suspense, success in rendering events and characters true to the history of Viking-era Ireland, exploration of living faith in Jesus Christ and crises of faith, and romantic appeal. Its settings – the Irish wilds, rivers, farms, and royal compounds – intrigued me and felt real. 

M.N. Stroh’s style is contemporary, readable, but somehow old world. Sometimes she does things I don’t like, such as, the popular construction of verbs from nouns. However, ’tis a wee transgression for this competent lass and adds to the unique feeling of her at times beautiful prose. I recommend this novel.