The Pretend Friend Association ~


An intriguing title? Yes! And a beautiful book woven from an imaginary world – constructed over years – and real life. Above all, it is a testimony to God’s love in sustaining the faith of a young girl.

Hannah suffered, walked by faith, and survived. She used her imagination to help make sense of what she experienced. Her creations – children, animals and stuffed animals that are alive, parents, teachers, doctors, and nurses – suffer and survive too.

Her book concludes on a strong note of hope. More of her story appears here.

My current writing project ~

Just recently I learned that the writerly term for this is work in progress, WIP. My WIP recounts the adventures, tragic and comic, of three fairytale heroines. As a writer I’m slow, a tiny caterpillar chewing on a large leaf. I love my little book and hope to finish it someday! It’s a joy to retell old tales and make them our own.

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Go read: “Writing Your Next Inspirational Fiction”

by Patricia Tiffany Morris

What is your inspiration for your next novel?

“I’ve always had a flair for imagination. More so, now that computers rule the world in even the art world. But I must admit that I find the blending of art and writing the most satisfying of pursuits. . .”