Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

Are you eager to be finished with 2022? Maybe it was a tough year full of loss or disappointments. Maybe you’re feeling like a failure because you look back and don’t see that you’ve achieved anything worth doing. 847 more words

Did Anything Good Happen This Year? How to End Well. — Lisa E Betz

An engineer-turned-mystery-writer and entertaining speaker, Lisa E. Betz infuses her stories with unconventional characters who thrive on solving tricky problems. Her Livia Aemilia Mysteries have won several awards, including Golden Scroll Novel of the Year (2021). Lisa combines her love of research with her quirky imagination to bring the world of the early church to life.

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The Pretend Friend Association ~


An intriguing title? Yes! And a beautiful book woven from an imaginary world – constructed over years – and real life. Above all, it is a testimony to God’s love in sustaining the faith of a young girl.

Hannah suffered, walked by faith, and survived. She used her imagination to help make sense of what she experienced. Her creations – children, animals and stuffed animals that are alive, parents, teachers, doctors, and nurses – suffer and survive too.

Her book concludes on a strong note of hope. More of her story appears here.

Rise of Betrayal ~ More edgy Christian historical fiction by M.N. Stroh

Rise of Betrayal - Tale of the Clans - Book Two
Tale of the Clans – Book Two

I just added this new release to my Kindle collection and am loving it – fabulous characters and story! Take this link for more about it and the many ways to buy.

M.N. Stroh

M.N. Stroh: “Fueled by her love for storytelling and history, M.N. Stroh writes Christian Historical Fiction with an edge, to inspire the downtrodden and outcasts through adventure-laden escapes that lead them back to their First Love. . .”

With time, pearls grow

Man of Sorrows ~ Tale of the Clans – Book One by M.N. Stroh

Photo: Scott Webb, Pexels.com

M.N. Stroh researched Viking era Ireland for twenty years as she prepared to write the series Tale of the Clans. Its prequel, Man of Sorrows, is a jewel. History, romance, adventure, faith!