The Simple Poet’s Pen

The carefree poet
We will call you,
You seem to know it well!

Poetic Perspectives

Image by Antonio Litterio (CC BY-SA 3.0)

I'm just a simple poet,
And well that I should know it,
Lest, deceived, my head should swell
Supposing that I write so well.

Never published, never cared,
Relieved to not have been compared
To those whose pens are more refined,
Who plumb the recondite sublime.

My pen is meant for simpler things,
To simply give my thoughts their wings.
Perhaps they will return to me,
Or perch in someone else's tree,

And maybe do a little good,
At least, I surely wish they would.
If only just a little smile,
Or shorten someone's weary mile,

Or maybe by the Maker's grace,
They'll draw someone to His embrace.
A simple poet's all I am,
And glad to be a simple man.

I’m untrained in literature and the creative arts, being an engineer by training and by trade, but obviously that doesn’t…

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Light my Night — 5 Minutes of Hope

God, shine forth — into my night. Dispel all worries — shine your light. God, shine forth — break every chain. Scatter the darkness — once again. God, shine forth — upon the waters. Drown me Lord — in what truly matters.

Light my Night — 5 Minutes of Hope

Doug Dial’s poetry

An interesting kind of poetry

“There is a special term to describe literary depictions of visual works of art: ekphrasis. Poems about pictures or paintings are, then, ekphrastic poems.” Dr. Oliver Teale, 10 of the Best Ekphrastic Poems about Pictures

Frederick Hall – Cinderella

Cinderella is one of my favorite fairytales. I’m writing a novella in which she appears.

Looking Glum

Cinder-girl, are you feeling sad?
Let me be your Fairy Godmother
offering advice you haven’t asked for!
Isn’t it better sitting barefoot
in a sunny barnyard filled with
the flitting, scratching, and pecking of
innocent fowl and
fallout of downy feathers
than sitting inside a wealthy house –
too large for its occupants –
littered with the fallout of wicked tongues?
One day – though now you can’t see –
you will wear, lose, and recover a slipper
of unmatched beauty.
Till then,
I recommend,
cheer up!