Lions of a land surrounded by seas

From watch-posts, pedestals, columns,
they leapt to life – claws out,
jaws wide – their roars not imagined
by those dreaming in safety.
Their strength pursued vagrants, who too
were prowling – worse than any lion –
bearing the image of the Eternal
yet roaming the night to thieve and maul.
One old guardian, full-maned but thin,
awoke still half stone, claws clutching
shining spheres of marble
to menace and wield. At times
the night, under the Italian skies,
and the dim streets, were massed
with legions of lions seeking vengeance
for the corruption of their City.
Out of love, they gave real lions –
let loose from the Duke’s gardens –
wide berth, making them think they were
simply their own magnificent shadows.

An Irish Adventure of Faith ~ Man of Sorrows

Sunday, August 28, 2022, marks the beginning of the 10 day countdown to the launch of Man of Sorrows, an edgy historical novella set in 10th Century, Viking era Ireland, a time when Ireland’s legendary High Kings reigned. If you join the Launch team, you can get a free e-book. To read the novella, you can pre-order it from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.



“M.N. Stroh aka Melissa, author of the Tales of the Clans series, writes Christian Historical Fiction with an edge, to inspire the downtrodden and outcasts through adventure-laden escapes leading them back to their First Love. She serves as Director of Communications for Serious Writer, Inc. affiliate Writers Chat. She is also the director of Serious Writer Book Club, a member of ACFW and Historical Novel Society’s Interviews Admin Team.” Adapted from the blurb for’s interview with Melissa. Click the link below for fun and insight!

Fairytales ~

In fairytales we find  

things quaint, sweet,  

and unexpected. 

In fairytales we find  

things profound 

or horrible. 

Wheelbarrows full

of toads and gems,

castles and ogres,

lions and hares,

fog, starlight, ships,  

enchanted islands, 

a forest not yet 

nicked by an axe 

a spyglass, 


and rope made from  


yellow hair.