Rise of Betrayal ~ More edgy Christian historical fiction by M.N. Stroh

Rise of Betrayal - Tale of the Clans - Book Two
Tale of the Clans – Book Two

I just added this new release to my Kindle collection and am loving it – fabulous characters and story! Take this link for more about it and the many ways to buy.

M.N. Stroh

M.N. Stroh: “Fueled by her love for storytelling and history, M.N. Stroh writes Christian Historical Fiction with an edge, to inspire the downtrodden and outcasts through adventure-laden escapes that lead them back to their First Love. . .”

With time, pearls grow

Man of Sorrows ~ Tale of the Clans – Book One by M.N. Stroh

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M.N. Stroh researched Viking era Ireland for twenty years as she prepared to write the series Tale of the Clans. Its prequel, Man of Sorrows, is a jewel. History, romance, adventure, faith!


An Irish Adventure of Faith ~ Man of Sorrows

Sunday, August 28, 2022, marks the beginning of the 10 day countdown to the launch of Man of Sorrows, an edgy historical novella set in 10th Century, Viking era Ireland, a time when Ireland’s legendary High Kings reigned. If you join the Launch team, you can get a free e-book. To read the novella, you can pre-order it from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.



“M.N. Stroh aka Melissa, author of the Tales of the Clans series, writes Christian Historical Fiction with an edge, to inspire the downtrodden and outcasts through adventure-laden escapes leading them back to their First Love. She serves as Director of Communications for Serious Writer, Inc. affiliate Writers Chat. She is also the director of Serious Writer Book Club, a member of ACFW and Historical Novel Society’s Interviews Admin Team.” Adapted from the blurb for PJNET.tv’s interview with Melissa. Click the link below for fun and insight!


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Edgy Christian Historical Fiction ~ M.N. Stroh

Just what is “Edgy Christian Historical Fiction”?

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“One might define ‘edgy’ as something new and unusual in a way that makes people uncomfortable.

“In part, my writing does. But not for the reasons you think. You see, my stories are based in a harsh era. Ventures there are not for the faint of heart. Nevertheless the focus is the adventure.

“Deep down is the ministry. My novels serve an outreach to outcasts and Christians ‘On the Edge’. Those who’ve slipped from their faith and believe they’re too damaged to come back. Those who question whether the Christian life is worthwhile. Individuals hanging by their fingertips, waiting for us to reach out and pull them from the brink.

“If that’s where you’re at…or you have a heart for them, then you’ve come to the right place.

“As a writer and lover of all things Viking era Ireland, I also endeavor to make this a place to encourage and connect with fellow writers and history buffs.

“I invite you to slip in ‘Hearthside’ and catch the latest news.

“Feel free to explore. If you decide to stay, you won’t regret it. Our clan grows continually, and we’d love for you to become a part of the community.”

I gCríost (In Christ),​ M.N. Stroh

M.N. Stroh is the author of the series Tales of the Clans, set in 10th Century, Viking era Ireland. The first four books will be released in September, October, November, and December 2022. The books can be pre-ordered in their Kindle editions. The first in the series is Man of Sorrows: A Medieval Christian Romance (Tales of the Clans Book 1).

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